Fall Soundwalks 2012

Soundwalking Stories on Foot

Part of Word on the Street Festival: “The Unwritten Word”
September 30, 2012; 5 soundwalks, 12-5PM on the hour

Led by Hildegard Westerkamp, Tyler Kinnear, Jenni Schine, Milena Droumeva
Meeting Location: Vancouver Public Library, Central Branch

Join us for a soundwalk that explores a different way of experiencing the Word on the Street Festival—with our ears! These special (and free!) soundwalks run every hour on the hour throughout the day. Each walk is roughly 20 minutes long. Come and listen to the sounds of the street as a musical-sonic adventure, revealing the ordinary to be extraordinary!

Sonic Treasure Hunt

October 7, 2012; 2-3:30PM

Led by Milena Droumeva and Brady Marks
Meeting Location: VCC-Clark Skytrain Station

In this soundwalk leaders Brady and Milena will take you on a treasure hunt for hidden sounds. Your mission: to find and experience them drifting in and out of the environment surrounding us. As technology tends to emotionally transform places and sometimes distance us from them, being-in-place remains an important reminder of the hidden treasures of sound.

Lost and Found with the Acoustic Crew

October 14, 2012; 2-3PM

Led by Hildegard Westerkamp, Tyler Kinnear & Jenni Schine
Meeting Location: Lighthouse Park, Whyte Lake Gate

Leave the sounds of the city and listen to the forests and waters of our West Coast! This soundwalk is a gentle hike through Lighthouse Park. Wear appropriate footwear and clothing; light hikers or running shoes are fine. For more logistical information about the hike, please see the link provided above. Note: this soundwalk is not wheelchair accessible.

Download handouts: 1 | 2


Presented by Vancouver New Music and the Vancouver Soundwalk Collective.