Listening through the Surface: An Auscultation Soundwalk – Mar. 14, 2016

Flexible tube stethoscopes (ca. 1855)

Listening through the Surface: An Auscultation Soundwalk

March 14, 2016, 1PM – 2:PM

Start Location: UBC Centre for Brain Health, main entrance (under the white pillars)
End Location: Belkin Art Gallery

Led by Tyler Kinnear

A soundwalk is an exercise (alone or with a group) where the main purpose is to listen actively to the immediate environment. For this silent follow-the-leader style walk, we will explore both indoor and outdoor spaces on the UBC Point Grey Campus. The route will be limited to public space (hallways, stairwells, atriums, waiting rooms, and plazas). Each participant will be equipped with a stethoscope, which will be used during the session to listen through different surfaces. In addition to giving attention to the sonic environment, the group will respect the physical spaces explored as well as the human and non-human activities taking place therein.

In preparation, please give thought to the following questions:

1) Of the sounds that you encounter in your daily life (at work, in public, at home), which ones do you consider pleasing? Which ones do you find disruptive?
2) What role does listening play in your professional life (i.e., as a student of medicine)?

3) What does a healthy body sound like (are certain sounds present? Are others absent? Are there rhythms?)? What do healthy indoor and outdoor environments sound like? What does an unhealthy body/environment sound like?

Items to bring: Student/hospital ID (must be visible during the soundwalk), stethoscope, hand towel, appropriate clothing and shoes (the event will take place in both indoor and outdoor locations, rain, snow, or shine)

Download the handout.

Presented by the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery.

Image: Flexible tube stethoscopes (ca. 1855) Robert Fludd.