Staff and Board

Vancouver New Music Staff

Board of Directors 2016-17

Daniel Marshall, President

Calgary-born Daniel Marshall is active in Vancouver's arts community as a performer, composer, and arts administrator. With a formal academic background in music composition, his works have been performed in Western Canada, the United States, and Europe. During his education he cultivated his interest in volunteering by sitting on the boards of the UBC Composers' Collective and Vancouver Pro Musica. Currently, Daniel is the Marketing & Communications Manager at Vancouver Academy of Music. In his spare time, he maintains an active performance role as a member of Pacifica Singers and volunteers on the Board of Directors for Vancouver New Music and the BC Association of Community Music Schools.

Allison MacDonald, Treasurer

Ken Morrison, Secretary

Ken Morrison is a music theorist and drummer. He has PhD in Music Theory from the University of Washington in Seattle and teaches at Vancouver Community College School of Music.

Kathleen Allan, Director

Conductor, composer and soprano Kathleen Allan is rapidly becoming internationally respected for her performances and compositions. She is the 2016 recipient of the Ernest MacMillan Prize in Choral Conducting and in 2015, she made her Asian debut conducting Handel’s Messiah and Bach’s Christmas Oratorio in Japan. She was recently appointed the Director of Choral Studies and Associate Conductor of Orchestras at the Vancouver Academy of Music and is the new Artistic Director of Canzona, Winnipeg’s professional baroque choral ensemble. She is the founding co-artistic director of Arkora, a new chamber music collective dedicated to interdisciplinary performance. Her compositions have been commissioned and performed by ensembles throughout the Americas and Europe. She holds a degree in composition from UBC and a master’s degree in conducting from Yale University.

Elyse Bannerman, Marketing Coordinator at Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

Michael Leaf, Director

Michael Leaf is an Associate Professor in the School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP) at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, Canada, a Research Associate of the UBC Centre for Human Settlements (CHS), and formerly the Director of the Centre for Southeast Asia Research (CSEAR) within UBC’s Institute of Asian Research, where he currently heads the Asian Urbanisms Research Cluster. The primary focus of his work has been on urbanization and planning in cities of developing countries, with particular emphasis on Asian cities. Since the time of his doctoral research on land development in Jakarta, Indonesia (PhD Berkeley, 1992), Dr. Leaf has been extensively involved in urbanization research and capacity building projects in Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Thailand and Sri Lanka. The courses he teaches at SCARP cover the theory and practices of development planning and the social, institutional and environmental aspects of urbanization in developing countries.

David Murphy, Director - Past President

David Murphy is a Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Curriculum Chair in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University. David teaches and studies in the area of Sound Studies, Curriculum and Pedagogical theory and practice. As a member of the World Soundscape Project that started in the early 1970's by R. Murray Schafer, David is dedicated to the preservation and study of sound as a source of positive imagination and communication.

Samantha Quon, Director

Samantha Quon is a Vancouver-based Marketing and Communications specialist with a passion for arts and culture. After receiving her Bachelor of Music degree from UBC in 2012, she joined the Vancouver Academy of Music as Marketing and Development Associate, raising money for numerous projects including the Mary Olson Recital Hall and cementing their reputation as the premiere music training school in Western Canada. She has also worked for Vancouver Opera, Backun Musical Services, and TechWeb Direct. Currently, Samantha is the Marketing Manager for Sheila Wong Fashion Design Studio, a private sewing and design school based in Yaletown. Apart from attending Vancouver New Music concerts in her free time, she performs with the LeftSide hip-hop crew and can usually be found in the dance studio.