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Sounds we love/sounds we hate + Favourite places to ‘listen’

We’ve collected sounds from Vancouver and beyond to find out what people think of their sonic environment – sounds they like, sounds they don’t like; everyday sounds, and sounds that are special in some way.

We also asked people to tell us about their favourite place to spend time ‘listening’ in Vancouver. Read about them below, then takes some time to explore Vancouver and find your favourite place to listen!

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Sights we love/sights we hate

How you experience your environment is inevitably shaped by aural and visual perceptions of your surroundings. In our original call we also asked contributors to offer their  favourite or least favourite sights from where they live.  Here are some thoughts:

My favourite sight in my neighbourhood is the inside of a small art gallery because it is always changing visually. – Neil Griffith (Vancouver)

Favourite: View from the trail of an anonymous old-growth forest. To me, temperate rainforests in the Pacific Northwest are places of myth and magic—especially where an old-growth forest is (at least to the immediate eye) intact. Their inherent silence is slightly discomforting, which suggests an unforgiving but also sacred place where visitors must tread with both caution and respect.  Least favourite: View outside my bedroom window. The alley behind my apartment (like most alleys I imagine) is designed out of functionality, not aesthetics. It is a place of air handling units, commercial delivery, compost, garbage, and recycling disposal and pickup, and washroom and smoking area for bar goers. – Tyler Kinnear (Vancouver)

Favourite: Crows exploring the quiet streets. Least: Human fluids (etc.) in the doorways of the homes the morning(s) after. – Jennifer Lewis (Gastown – Vancouver)

The advertising (propaganda) for the RIZE development at Kingsway and Broadway. Because it so clearly uses language to manipulate – “Be Independent”… “Craft” this and “Craft” that – so clearly manipulative that I think it is anticipating me calling its bluff, and that’s what’s even more irritating. – Pietro Sammarco (Mount Pleasant – Vancouver)


Send us your sounds!

If you’d like us to post your sound submit an .mp3, .wav, or .aif, audio file, or .m4v, .mp4, .mov, .avi, or .mkv video file. Files under 10MB can be emailed to soundmap [at]  For files over 10MB, please use a file transfer service like wetransfer, google drive, dropbox, or other similar service. Feel free to submit more than one sound, and if you like, include a photo of the area that it was recorded.

Let us know what it is and why you like or dislike it. Most importantly please provide the location of where you recorded the sound!  A street address or intersection, degrees/minutes/seconds, decimal degrees, GPS (Latitude/Longitude) or UTM co-ordinates (X,Y) are all acceptable formats however please clearly indicate which system you are using so that we can accurately map your sound.