Vancouver Electronic Ensemble
Mechanical Music

Saturday, October 8, 2016; 8PM
Vancouver Community College Atrium (1155 East Broadway, entrance at E 7th Avenue and Glen Drive)

Members of the Vancouver Electronic Ensemble showcase personal projects inspired by this year’s festival theme, Mechanical Music – from musical bike spoke contraptions, to custom electronics, come out and feed your curiosity! Please bring your own music boxes for a participatory sound-making jam at the end of the concert.

VEE performances will include:
Zach Bergman, • 5-HTP
A “mechanically driven” exploration of algorithms and loops composed in the Live Coding language Tidal Cycles.

Scott Gubbels • Fight The Sky
Intonarumori demonstration and performance.

Peki Hajdukovic • TrigBlok
A selection of samples controlled/performed with a variety of materials, and a wooden box.

Lee Hutzulak • Poking Holes In Paper Walls
A “write your own music” music box meets a choice selection of electronic FX.

Julian La Brooy • Futurism At Present
The sampled sounds of an early 20th century futurist mechanical instrument (Intonarumori) are manipulated, processed, and sequenced in real time.

Dave Leith • Toys

Giorgio Magnanensi • Twitching speaker and radio

Matt O’Donnell • Wind-Up Orchestra
Wind-up toys amplified and processed (samples and live capture), clocks, ticking clocks, mic’ed and looped, processed by synched/un laptops. 60/120 BPM.

Part of Mechanical Music (Oct. 13 – 15, 2016)

Vancouver Community College

VEE (Vancouver Electronic Ensemble) provides an outlet for the development of creative music with an ensemble of experimental musicians active in our city. The main objectives of VEE include the performance of and research on experimental electronic music (both historical and original works composed by the ensemble), which will engage performers and audiences in aesthetic criticism through a wide range of activities. We wish to fully embrace experimentation as a primary activity in order to establish creative practices that will construct models of new, possible musics. VEE should be defined as the instrument for exploring and experiencing an idea of knowledge and for investigating perception and representing philosophical systems or models of nature without fixing any a priori definition. These activities are based on an interactive and process-oriented approach of musical praxis wherein style-elements are created continuously within functions of time and context.

Please email if you are interested in participating in VEE.